Adam Milstead recovering from February ACL tear

This past February, UFC heavyweight Adam Milstead tore his right ACL during his fight vs Curtis Blaydes at UFC Fight Night 104. The injury happened while he was against the cage, attempting to defend a take down. In June, Milstead posted a video on Facebook, where he is shown moving around quite well, albeit with no contact. 

Most interesting to me is not his movement within the cage, but when he stops moving and shadow boxing, and starts walking at about the 30 second mark. I note that he has a subtle limp favoring the right leg, and he appears to lack full extension of the right knee when he is weight bearing. This video is about a month old, so this may no longer be an issue, if it even was an issue to begin with. Hopefully Milstead will have no complications with his recovery, and we can look forward to seeing him back in the Octagon early next year.